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Head of English @ Keynote Learning

I'm currently the Head of English with Keynote Learning, and we're located extremely near (walking distance) to Ang Mo Kio Hub.

For all lesson enquiries , please visit Keynote Learning's website and get in touch directly via WhatsApp, Phone or Email.

Does your child require English tuition?

Here’s a simple test for your child.

Ask him/her if she knows any better ways of expressing this phrase: ‘Students want good results.’


For those who could not answer the above 'test'...

Kid Studying

Note that the above expression is something that even lower primary students would be perfectly capable of.

If your secondary school child is unable to come up with any alternative, it probably implies that he/she lacks vocabulary pertinent for common topics tested.

Education, for instance, is a critical topic that students require a myriad of vocabulary.

Here's the difference between an 'A' or a 'B/C' grade...

Student A: ‘Students want good results.’ VERSUS Student B: ‘Students aspire to attain academic excellence.’

To the examiners, Student B clearly has a stronger command of the language and would naturally earn more marks, assuming everything else is constant.

Apart from the writing segments in Paper 1, Paper 2 (compre & summary) would require vocabulary as well.

For example, in the 2015 O Level English paper, the words ‘obstinate’, ‘domineering’ and ‘inquisitive’ were used to describe characters in the compre passage.

Without knowing the definitions of these words might cost students several marks. This proves that vocabulary would make a real difference!

Therefore students should know that vocabulary is instrumental in improving their English score, for virtually every paper.

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