Miss Ho Ying Ying

As an Ex-MOE English level head and GCE ‘O’ Level English Oral examiner, I have been helping students to ace their English for the past 15 years.

Miss Ho's Approach to Education

Holistic Approach

I believe that students should view the English subject beyond grades in examinations. My methods are structured to improve one’s ability to comprehend, and express both orally and in writing for all of life’s endeavours.

Empowering Students

With clarity comes confidence in everything we do. By developing my student’s proficiency in written and oral presentations, it empowers them to excel in all that they pursue.

Tested and Proven

The best way to lead is by example. Many educators boasts unfounded methods and secrets to scoring ‘A’s in the ‘O’ Levels. I however, take the ‘O’ level religiously every year to make sure my methods are relevant, and to understand my student’s experiences and difficulties.


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Hear What Others Have to Say

I have helped hundreds of students over the course of my 15 year long career. Hear what some of them have to say about my classes.

Kim Seung Hyun (Scored ‘A’ for English ‘O’ Levels)

Coming from a non-English background, I once believed that I was utterly incapable of excelling in English. My results oscillated between C6 and C5s, with some occasional B3s, mostly because of luck.

When I was in lower secondary, I mistakenly believed that the situation would improve naturally sooner or later, until I received my abysmal results for my first test in Secondary 3.

That was when I started learning from Miss Ho. The meticulous notes and ‘formulas’ provided by Ms Ho gave me precious time to hone my language abilities.

Her extensive experience in teaching students English over the years aided me in formulating my study method, which undoubtedly led to my success.

Mrs Lim (Mother of Student who scored A2 for English ‘O’ Levels)

Hi Ms Ho, thank you very much for coaching Claudia! You have played a critical role in helping her achieve A2 for her English. She changed from reluctantly taking this English tuition at 1st to very interested right after the 1st lesson 3 years ago!

She has grown to like English so much that it is her strongest subject now. Thanks for motivating her & making the lessons so interesting & with many useful tips. Thank you so much Ms Ho. May you be blessed with joy as you continue to teach!

Join my English Classes

Small Group Classes, Tailored to the Individual Student.

For Primary and Secondary School Students

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